Clothing from Italy

Clothing from Italy

49 Bromfield St. Boston Ma 02108  Tel: 617-426-7801

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Our tailoring follows an ancient tradition where dresses are tailor-made, following the shape of the body, the movements and all the features that influence the portability of a product.

Every creation is a true work of art because it is first thought, choosing the fabric between the most consonant to the use of the dress and laying out the smallest details like buttons and slots, made with care and attention.

The result is a unique and unrepeatable product, as every man is.



The perfect cut, attention to detail and an impeccable fit come together in our selection of refined suits and tuxedos, a must for your formal occasions



The result is a unique and unrepeatable product, as every man is.

Our suits are made only with the following cloth produced in Italy


  • Ermenegildo Zegna
  • Flli.  Cerruti
  • Ducotex - Durando
  • Angelico
  • Botto
  • Bonotto

Clothing from Italy distributes and retails high value Italian Clothing for men.


Located on 42 Bromfield Street in  Boston, MA, Clothing from Italy brings the Italian tradition in quality clothing and production of tailored suits, jackets and shirts designed to satisfy the needs of the dynamic and elegant corporate professional.


Our companies' manufacturing standards revolve around a keen attention to details, a continuous research and employment of exclusive materials and the use of ancient manufacturing crafting techniques.

Tailored Suits in Boston

strictly Made in Italy


Some of the brands carried by Clothing from Italy are:


  • Pulito 
  • Diego Ranieri
  • Lubiam
  • Zegna
  • San Remo
  • Cerruti
  • Umberto Durando